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Important note: Many of these stories contain adult language, themes, and situations, including UnBirth (UB), lactation, n/c nursing, vore, vampirism, and other similar stuff. If you are not of sufficient age in your community to read such materials, or would be offended by such for personal or religious reasons, please exit this page Right Now by going to Alta Vista, where you can find something you'll enjoy.

If you are of sufficient mental and physical age, by all means proceed. Should you read any of my stories, please let me know what you think. Even negative feedback is helpful, but if you're going to flame me, please spell check it first!

My Email address is rochndil (at) comcast (dot) net, feel free to let me know what you think.

All stories and characters are my original work, except where noted. All stories are copyrighted by me, and no commercial use of any kind may be made without my written permission. Anything not in the "commercial" realm, please ask!

NOTE: This page is under constant construction, updates will occur when least expected.

Unfinished works

Here are a few stories I haven't finished with yet. As always, all contents are copyright Rochndil, 2000-2003. Feedback [rochndil (at) comcast (dot) net] on these is also welcome.


I've got all my stories up on FurAffinity as well, which makes commenting on them a lot easier. Take a look!.

NEW! I've set up a LiveJournal page here, check it out!

I've added a couple of unfinished works, just for giggles (see above).

Thanks for looking, and as I have updates I'll refresh the page. Keep an eye on it! -:)


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Yes, I actually won an award!

I received third place in Greyflank's Reboot contest with "Mistaken Identity." Below is the award banner, linked to the contest site.


Mark Stretch's Gallery of the Unusual is probably my personal favorite web site of all time. It contains the amazing artwork of Mark Stretch and the late Stellos, focusing on extreme pregnancy, massive breasts, and other hypertrophisms.

Mamabliss is a very talented and unusual artist, and one of very few brave enough to tackle UnBirthing images. Log on and show your support!

Grolbek has written quite a few good UnBirth scenes, take a look at his story page.

There aren't nearly so many good UB resources out there as in the past. Please let me know if you come across any.

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